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    At a Convention held on the Second day of March, in the year of Christ
    1815, and the Cingalese year 1736 at the Palace in the city of Kandy,
    between Excellency Lieut.General Robert Brownrigg Governor and
    Commander-in-Chief in and over the British settlements and territories in
    the , acting in the name and on behalf of Majesty George the
    Third, King, and His Royal Highness George, Prince of Wales, Regent, of
    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, on; the one part, and the
    Adigars, Dessaves, and other principal chiefs of the Kandy an provinces
    on behalf of the inhabitants, and in presence of the” Mohottales, Coraals,
    Vidaans, and other subordinate; headmen from the several provinces, and
    of the people then and there assembled on the other part,3 it is agreed and
    established as follows.

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